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Radio Campaigns

BHM Music has specialized in helping bands and musicians get radio airplay around the country. Depending on your own goals, we can develop a targeted radio campaign with either a national or regional focus. We develop a campaign that targets the most appropriate outlets for your release. We solicit these stations for airplay and feedback for your release in addition to setting up radio interviews in your touring markets wherever possible.

Press Campaigns

Our  press campaigns include creating and distributing press releases, obtaining features, reviews or articles about our clients and/or their sound recordings with our various press contact. (Magazines, Newspapers, Webzines, Blogs…) and arranging interviews.

What We Do? We provide our clients the ability to reach online publishers of magazines, newspapers, free weeklies, websites, blogs, podcasts, and online radio, and utilize our relationships to get their projects heard and written about. We utilize technology to allow publishers the ability to listen, learn, and post about a project. Our goal is to get your music heard by publishers, and ultimately written about, played, and posted online. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established artist, you’re working on your first album, or just recorded your first song in your bedroom can find a way to help.

Radio Edits

The normal length for songs played on the radio is 3 to 4 minutes. Songs also need to be free of profane and obscene content. We can edit your songs in order to make them more commercially viable for the radio stations.

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