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General Production Services

General Production Services

Music Recording

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the complete recording experience. The various aspects that allow us to facilitate this include our dedication to providing a stimulating, versatile atmosphere, a well-designed and great sounding recording space, a wide range of retro/current recording options, a beautiful analog console and last but not least, educated, experienced and down-to-earth engineers.


Music Licensing

Music licensing is the process of placing music with visual creative projects, such as soundtracks (film, video, digital), television programs, and advertising campaigns. It’s a viable way to get your music heard by a larger audience and with potentially lucrative compensation. We will create a minimum of two dozen accounts through which your music will be submitted to various companies and organizations that specialize in music licensing and are non-exclusive in regard to its placement restrictions.


Artwork Design

We offer graphic design services to create cover artwork for your audio recordings, either for packaging purposes (CDs/Vinyl/DVDs) or for online use only. If requested we can also provide assistance with finding the right disc duplication, printing and packaging service for your needs.


Internet Services

Setup and design of web sites, site updates, tracking and promoting sites, and other multi-media services.

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